One of the greatest tricks ever invented. The performer shows two red queens face to face. These change to two black queens. The performer says "May be you think I use four cards - well you are right!" So saying he spreads out the cards on the table and sure enough there are FOUR CARDS BUT THEY ARE THE FOUR ACES. The routine can now be carried further if desired by producing the four queens from the pocket and two queens and two aces are placed on the table with the remaining pair being placed in the pocket. But then the cards on the table are shown to be all queens and the cards in the pocket are all aces. (We do not supply the cards for the last part of the routine, but they can be obtained by purchasing a red and a blue bicycle deck from us Price £4.50 plus £1.00 postage.) The cards can be examined at the end of the FULL routine. Personally we prefer to just present the first part of the routine since the finale is an ABSOLUTE KNOCKOUT. Very highly recommended.



The performer shows 10 E.S.P. cards and one card which has the message "WILL THE CARDS MATCH?" on it. He explains that first he will have the 10 cards cut time and time again until the audience is satisfied that they are well mixed. Then the cards are split into two heaps. The audience will decide which heap will be used every time. The selected heap is picked up and cards are dealt under each other to spell the word "WILL". The audience may stop the performer whilst he is spelling and make him transfer to the other heap. When the word has been spelled the top cards of each of the two heaps are placed to one side. This is repeated with the words "The Cards Match". The audience control which heap is used and may make the performer transfer to the other heap during the spelling of each word. It therefore seems impossible for the cards to be matched as everything is so fair and above board. But when the pairs of cards are turned over one by one it is seen that EVERY ONE OF THE FIVE PAIRS OF E.S.P. CARDS MATCH EACH OTHER. This is an absolute miracle - every demonstration leads to a sale. NO SLEIGHT OF HAND WHATSOEVER. No moves of any kind. The trick is in fact a cleverly disguised mathematical principle which defies detection. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



A sheet of perspex in a metallic-plastic frame is handed for examination. A playing card is placed on each side of the perspex. A metal rod or pencil can now be pushed through the card, through the perspex and out through the card on the other side!! To emphasize the penetration a ribbon can be pushed through the hole and pulled back and forth. Finally the ribbon and cards are removed but there is NO HOLE in the perspex!! The frame can again be examined minutely. This is the largest selling penetration of all time. Nicely made apparatus. 



A profusely illustrated booklet covering in great detail this famous Broken and Restored Thread routine. The effect is - The performer pulls a long length of cotton from a spool and breaks it into seven or eight pieces. These are rolled into a ball and attached to another short length of thread that was not rolled up like the others. Taking this short piece of thread by both ends the performer pulls them and slowly the thread unravels. COMPLETELY RESTORED!! Anyone may examine the restored thread but they will find nothing. A most effective close-up trick using the sort of things that are in every day use.




Your prediction comes true!  With this occult board in your possession, you can become a super mind reader.  Although the gimmick in this beautiful piece of apparatus does the work for you, you will have your audience believing you really can predict thoughts.      Let a spectator mentally select any object such as a make of car, an animal, a musical instrument - anything.  You make a prediction and write it on the upper section of the board and close the lid hiding it from view.  The spectator then writes down the object he thought of on the lower section of the board.  You continue with your  predictions twice more.  For instance you ask  the spectator to think of a letter of the alphabet or a suit in a deck of cards.  You always your prediction before he writes his thoughts.  Unbelievably, when the lids are opened all  your predictions are correct.  This is a pocket size version of the "Mental Epic" made of plastic.  (Dimensions:  5" X 4")



This has to be one of the most incredible close-up items ever produced. Three playing cards are dropped onto the table.  A spectator is allowed to choose a card.  The card is picked up and held back upwards in one hand.  A borrowed matchstick is placed onto the card and the performer makes a mystic pass around the match with one of the other cards.  Suddenly the match is seen to be floating about 1" above the card with no visible means of support.  The performer now passes another card right underneath the floating match to prove that there is nothing whatsoever supporting the floating match.  The match floats back down onto the back of the card and is removed.  Now a rubber band is placed on the card and this floats also.  Again a card is  passed right under the floating rubber band.  Next a cigarette is placed on the card and this floats too.  MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS IS MIRACLE STUFF DONE UNDER THE NOSES OF THE AUDIENCE.  In fact you can hold the card right under a spectator’s nose whilst the match is floating and he will see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of how the levitation is achieved.




A wooden blade is removed from the simple wooden stock and freely shown. The blade in replaced in the stock and a spectator is asked to place a finger through the opening in the stock, just below the blades edge.  Quick as a wink, the solid wooden blade is plunged downward, through the spectators finger! There’s a pause as the impossibility sinks in, then the stock is split open and removed from around the blade.  The solid wooden blade is left wrapped around the spectator’s finger - a startling example of matter through matter!   Impossible penetration never fails to fool the pants off anyone who has ever seen it.  Even today, knowledgeable magicians who have not seen this system are fooled.  Pure, visual magic, plain and simple.






Shades of Uri Geller!  Here’s a metal bending effect that’s a mind bender as well!  An ordinary teaspoon is examined and marked by a spectator.  Then, in full view of the audience, the spoon bends and then breaks.  Now, for the magic - the spoon is VISIBLY restored and handed out for immediate examination.  The marks are still there, and may be verified.  For a killer finish, take back the spoon, hold it in one hand, and without any cover, cause it to visibly, slowly bend. Then, still with no cover, cause the spoon to straighten!  The spoon is again tossed for examination.  They actually SEE the spoon bend and then restore!!  The handling is beautiful - no angles to worry about.  And, it can be done standing up!





In our opinion this is one of the finest close-up card tricks ever devised. The routine contains mystery, surprise and a terrific sock climax that really stuns your audience.  The performer shows four blue backed cards, the faces of which are shown to be blank.  When the cards are counted again one of the faces now has a Joker picture on it!!  The next part of the routine is rather like Find the Lady, only in this case it is Find the Joker.  After the spectator’s first wrong guess the Joker is turned face up “ so that it is easier to follow.”  Even so the Joker is still elusive, and vanishes completely!  Again the cards are counted to show four blue backed cards and then suddenly the missing Joker appears face up!   At this point the performer says that it should really have been easy for the audience to follow the Joker for two reasons.  First of all the Joker has a picture on it and the other three cards are blank.  Secondly the three cards have blue backs, and here is the punch climax.  The Joker is turned over and its back is RED !!  Immediately the cards can be handed out for examination. No rough and smooth.  Only four cards used.  No double backers or double facers.  A truly sensational trick that is always ready. Manuscript in booklet form and necessary cards supplied.  You will not be able to do the trick in 5 minutes, but once you have mastered the handling and the routine, you will have a trick that you will carry with you always.




The performer shows the faces of five cards all held together in a line. A spectator is invited to THINK of one card.  The cards are mixed up face down and one card is placed into the performer’s pocket as a prediction.  The remainder of the cards are placed face down on the table.  The spectator is asked to name the card he thought of.  Let us say it was the five of Spades.  The performer pulls the prediction card from his pocket and it is the Five of SPADES.  However, now comes the SHOCK FINALE.  The four cards on the table are turned over and they are the FOUR JACKS.  All the cards may now be examined, there is nothing to find.  This is a very strong effect utilising a clever principle and is VERY EASY TO PERFORM - in fact the effect virtually works itself.  The effect is DIRECT and VISUALLY STUNNING …. It really will SHOCK YOUR AUDIENCE …. How did three indifferent cards change to JACKS?????





A really weird card trick that will give the audience the impression that they have hallucinations!  Three cards are freely selected and replaced in different parts of the pack.  The cards are squared up and placed on the palm of the performer’s hand.

Slowly and eerily a section of the pack moves forward and back leaving one card projecting. Then the pack moves from side to side, each time leaving a card behind.

The three cards are shown and sure enough they are the three selected cards!

Cards and full instructions supplied.





An excellent trick pack for forcing a card onto a spectator. The faces of the cards can be shown all different, but no matter which one the spectator touches, that is the ‘force’ card.

An invaluable pack that every magician at all interested in card and mental magic ought to have.

No sleight of hand used.  The pack does everything for you.