EFFECT: A spectator is invited to lie on a low table which stands on six legs.  A wooden stock is now placed around her middle.  An electric saw is shown to be sharp by sawing through a load of bread.  The saw blade is now inserted at one end of the stocks and the saw switched on.  The saw is now moved slowly along the top of the stocks as the blade apparently slices right through the spectator’s body.  However, as the saw reaches the other end of the stocks, the blade is shown to be intact and when the stocks are opened, so is the spectator.
Taurus Magic own the sole manufacturing rights on this item.





Invented by Jack Hughes with full manufacturing rights granted to Taurus Magic Supply Co.  A spectator is invited to place his head into the stocks.  The performer shows a fierce looking jigsaw with a long blade. He switches it on and cuts through a stick of bread to prove the sharpness of the blade. There is some comedy business with the spectator then finally the saw is placed into the top of the stocks and switched on. The saw is pushed slowly right across the stock obviously penetrating right through the spectator’s neck as it does so, finally emerging at the far end of the stock. The top of the stock is lifted up and the spectator appears to be alright but is warned not to shake his head too much for a while!!!!! A sensational effect and virtually works itself. Breaks down for packing.



The Dagger Chest is one of the classic illusions. It can be performed with a member of the audience or your own assistant. A box is shown empty by opening the front and back doors. The spectator places his head into the box via a cut—out in the bottom of the box. The front and back doors are replaced and a large number of sharp looking daggers are thrust into various parts of the box until it is quite apparent that the spectator’s head must be completely pierced. The front door is now lifted up and the box is seen full of daggers but the spectator’s head has VANISHED. The front door is replaced, the daggers quickly pulled out and when the front door is opened the spectator is seen to be completely unharmed. Easy to do and breaks down for packing.





Derek Lever and David Howarth combined to create this sensational effect.  This is still probably the most exciting trick ever offered to the fraternity.  Modern audiences demand something DIFFERENT -  this is it!
The performer invites a spectator onto the stage and explains that he is about to perform RUSSIAN ROULETTE with EXPLOSIVES.  A handsome console unit is shown on which are four buttons numbered 1 to 4.  Over the top of the buttons are four red indicator lights. The spectator is shown around the back of the console where four cables are connected.  It is quite clear that the spectator cannot tell which cable is connected to which button.
At the other end of the cables it is shown that there are EXPLOSIVE DETONATORS, these are placed into metal bins.
The performer states that he must now make a vital decision ... which detonator to hold in his hand whilst the game of Russian Roulette is played.  He finally chooses a detonator and holds this in his hand. The spectator is instructed to choose any one of the four buttons and to press it.  BANG!  There is a loud explosion as a detonator explodes in one of the bins.  Fortunately, it was not the one held by the performer.  There are three buttons left.  The spectator chooses another one, then presses it.  BANG! Again a detonator explodes in one of the bins ... not the one in the performer’s hand.  Only two buttons left.  A 50/50 gamble.  The spectator chooses a third button.  He presses it.  BANG!  Another detonator explodes in one of the bins.  THE PERFORMER IS STILL ALIVE.
The performer states that just to remove any doubts from the audience’s mind that it was a GENUINE GAMBLE, he will prove what may have happened to him had the spectator chosen this final button. The detonator is placed into a metal bin.  The SPECTATOR presses the final button.  BANG!  The last detonator explodes proving that the performer did put his LIFE AT RISK.  If that doesn’t get you a LOUD OVATION then take up marbles.  The working is completely ELECTRONIC.  This is the only trick in the world where you do absolutely NOTHING.  IT WORKS ITSELF.  There is a built in safety device to give you complete piece of mind.  Derek Lever has performed this all over the world and on T.V. with huge success.  It uses four medium size stage maroons per show (obtainable from us or other dealers).  It is utterly BRILLIANT.

    PRICE  £250.00 PLUS £5.00 POST AND PACKING


        DART CATCH  

This is offered to the fraternity as a low cost alternative to the Taurus “Electronic Bullet Catch” which is described elsewhere in this Catalogue.  Whilst it obviously does not have the same impact as the Electronic version, it does represent a very convincing and practical method of performing this classical effect.  The performer invites a spectator onto the stage and allows him to examine an AIR PISTOL.  Next a number of Air Gun Darts are shown, these have flights of different colours, One is chosen by a spectator and is placed into the pistol by him.  He is asked to take aim at a target placed at the far side of the stage, and then told to fire.  The dart is seen to hit the target.  (If desired a balloon may be fastened to the target and the dart fired so that it bursts the balloon before lodging in the target). The performer points out that obviously this proves that the pistol is genuine and works normally and if desired a further dart may be fired to stress the point even more.
spectator is now offered a choice of dart and is asked to mark it so that it can be recognized.  The dart is loaded into the pistol and the performer inflates a balloon and holds this in front of his mouth as he stands in front of the target.  He takes a deep breath and signals the spectator to fire.  The pistol, fires and the balloon held in the performer’s hands bursts and there gripped in his teeth, is an air pistol dart. The performer holds a plate and right in front of the spectator allows the dart to drop visibly from his teeth onto the plate.  The spectator confirms that it is the very same dart which he marked ... WHAT A SENSATION.  Please note: The dart which is caught in the teeth REALLY IS THE VERY SAME MARKED DART WHICH WAS PLACED IN THE PISTOL ... it is NOT SWITCHED.  The Air Pistol is genuine and may be minutely examined, before and after the trick.  The MARKED DART is DEFINITELY PLACED INTO THE PISTOL.
We supply the Air Pistol, target and Darts ... you provide the balloons and the SHOWMANSHIP.  This illusion is NOT SOLD TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS.



Here it is - the trick which no other magic dealer in the world dare offer to the fraternity.  Probably the BEST KNOWN TRICK EVER and yet magic dealers have been unable to offer a SAFE, SPECTACULAR and CONVINCING method of performing it - that is UNTIL NOW.  Once again TAURUS MAGIC LEAD THE WAY.
A spectator is invited on to the stage and is shown an automatic pistol along with some live
ammunition. The magazine is removed from the pistol and the spectator marks the ammunition which is then loaded into the magazine.  The magazine containing the ammunition is placed in full view in a small wooden display stand so that it cannot be tampered with.  The performer now draws attention to a large wooden target to which he clamps an ordinary dinner plate.  The performer explains that he wants the spectator to prove that the ammunition is genuine by firing at the plate and he takes the magazine containing the ammunition, loads it into the pistol and hands the pistol to the spectator.
The spectator takes aim at the plate and fires.  CRASH ... the pistol fires, THE CARTRIDGE CASE EJECTS FROM THE
PISTOL AND FALLS TO THE FLOOR AND THE PLATE IS SMASHED TO PIECES AS IT DROPS TO THE FLOOR.  Read that again ... you will see that even to anyone knowing anything about arms everything is perfectly natural, even to the cartridge case ejecting from the pistol and the pistol actually ‘kicks’ in the spectator’s hand.
The performer now stands in front of the target and orders the spectator to FIRE.  Again the cartridge case ejects from the pistol as the performer staggers and is seen to be holding a bullet between his teeth.  This is dropped onto a dinner plate and the spectator confirms it is one of the marked bullets.  The effect can be performed in cabaret.  The target works automatically and is electronically operated.  The pistol is a very expensive replica which needs no licence and which works just like a real pistol.  We supply special inert ammunition plus special blanks.  At NO TIME IS ANY LIVE AMMUNITION placed in the pistol.  NO LIVE AMMUNITION IS USED IN THE ILLUSION - ONLY BLANKS.  We provide a very comprehensive routine including patter plus details of how you can present a RUSSIAN ROULETTE ACT WITH THE SAME APPARATUS.  A limited number will be sold.

PRICE £400.00 PLUS £20.00 CARRIAGE