The prices shown in brackets are the original retail prices of the tricks.  The prices not shown in brackets are the cash prices.

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BLAND'S THE MYSTIC HINDOO TUB - A tub is shown empty and placed on top of a wooden tabouret. On the word of command the performer reaches into the tub and produces livestock or Chinese Lanterns etc. Also supplied with a matching hollow top tabouret to make a further production. The mechanism has spring-loaded flanges forming the table top, when these are released they burst through the bottom of the tub which is really black paper and allow the load in the hollow table top to be accessed. Very rare. (500.00) 300.00

GAMAGES MAGIC SLIDING DIE BOX - Painted grey. Duplicate block is actually a shell so a load can be produced from it when it is in the hat. Works well. (50.00) 38.00

WILL GOLDSTON'S THE MUTILATED UMBRELLA TRICK - A parasol is shown open then closed and rolled up in a Japanese mat. Ribbons of various colours are shown and put into a shown empty tube. Magically a change takes place. On removing the parasol from the mat it is seen to be only a skeleton with ribbons hanging from the ribs. The missing cover is found in the tube. Everything however, comes right. the cover is returned to the tube and the parasol is again wrapped up. On uncovering the parasol is now complete whilst the ribbons are produced from the tube. Very rare. (75.00) 55.00

GAMAGES THE MYSTERIOUS GLASS SMASHING TRICK - Very, very rare item. A sheet of glass is placed into a clip fixed to a red and black stand 10" long X 3 1/2" high. On the word of command the sheet of glass completely shatters. A mechanism built into the stand breaks the glass. (65.00) 50.00

J. BLAND MYSTERIOUS BOWL OF FIRE PRODUCTION - A flaming brass bowl of fire is produced from a foulard. This method uses easily obtained chemicals which are not supplied. A couple of small dents. (68.00) 49.00

J. BLAND TALKING PICTURE - A large painting in a frame 14" X 12" which talks (mouth movement). Of course you will have to have some ventriloquial skill to present it. It operates by pressing with the thumb at the rear of the picture. Very rare. (160.00) 120.00

JACK HUGHES ORIGINAL LARGE SPACIOUS PRODUCTION BOX - The box is nicely decorated and is 16" X 9" X 7". The wooden stand (which breaks down for packing) is 27" high. All four sides of this box are dropped down, the sliding front and back of the box are enabling the audience to have a clear view right through the box. The slides are replaced and all four doors are locked back in place. The top door is opened and immediately a very large load of silks is produced along with a live rabbit. Rare item now. (300.00) 220.00

STAR MAGIC COMPANY (TUBBY ALLINSON) CARD APPEAR FRAME  -  A nicely decorated frame with two doors which are opened to show it empty.  The doors are closed - a card is chosen and the doors are opened to reveal that very card reposing in the frame.  This was the original model of this trick, now made by Viking Manufacturing.  (36.00)  27.00

WILL GOLDSTON'S PASSE PASSE BOTTLE AND GLASS - Early 1900s.  A bottle and a glass are placed apart and covered.  Both the bottle and glass change places and when again covered with the cardboard tubes they return to their original positions.  Rare. (48.00) 36.00

J. BLAND PASSE PASSE BOTTLES AND GLASS - The classic trick with two tubes, one bottle and one glass. (48.00) 36.00

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